About the Tipton Main Street Association.

Our Mission

Promote and enhance the quality of life and stimulate vibrancy and vitality in our beloved downtown.

Our Vision

Making downtown Tipton the focal point for our community

Our History

The idea of formally creating a main street organization began in September of 2013. Fast-forward to today and we've had some major milestones.

  • NOVEMBER 2013

    Officially selected Tipton Main Street Association as the name of our organization

  • MARCH 2015

    Became an official member of the Indiana Main Street.

  • JUNE 2017

    Collaborated with local leaders to complete the mural on the site of the Diana Theater

  • JULY 2017

    Offically became a 501(c)(3)

  • OCTOBER 2017

    Construction on The Alley project began

  • JUNE 2018

    Completion of The Alley project

  • JULY 2019

    Begin Tipton Downtown Revitalization Plan with REA

  • June 2020

    Completion of the Tipton Downtown Revitalization Plan

  • SEPTEMBER 2020

    The City Council of Tipton, Indiana approve the Downtown Revitalization Master Plan via Resolution # 2020-04

Meet our awesome board.

Lindsey Ogden


Patti Eliserio


Max McNeal


Amanda Baird


Leann Cline

Board Member

Judy Coker

Board Member

Erin Shockley

Board Member

Brian Shortridge

Board Member

Jan Smith

Board Member

Amy Stouder

Board Member


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