The Alley

Tired of our beloved downtown not having spaces to sit, rest and meet with friends? Think our community could use an extra dose of vibrancy and excitement? Then get ready for “The Alley,” a great new public space coming downtown thanks to a partnership between Tipton Main Street Association and the Tipton County Economic Development Foundation. With a $40,000 budget, we’ll be able to turn an empty downtown alley into an engaging gathering place for residents and visitors to meet friends, eat food from local businesses, read a book, enjoy a live event or just sit and enjoy a sunny day. Once built, this space will be a cultural asset not only for our downtown, but for all of Tipton!

We have the space planned and the budget set, but we need YOUR HELP to make this project a reality. We can receive a $20,000 grant from the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority towards this project, but only if we raise $20,000 from people like YOU first.

“See you at The Alley”

After several meetings, careful planning, and a lot of hard work, the Economic Vitality Committee of the Main Street plans to use the combined $40,000 from this crowdfunding campaign and the matching grant to do the following:

  • Remove the alley asphalt
  • Put down stamped concrete
  • Build “THE ALLEY” archway
  • Cover part of one wall with murals and other art pieces
  • Provide various types of seating
  • Station lights and lamps throughout the alley
  • Set-up outdoor heaters
  • Install several forms of landscaping

This will be a place for residents and visitors alike to enjoy our downtown, the view of the courthouse, and even special events from the Main Street Association and its partners. Donate today and help us bring this all to life!  

How the alley looks today…

                                                     …and how the alley will look after your donation.

#RestoringTipton #BrickbyBrick

For far too long we have lost our identity as a community.  We’ve struggled through recessions, uncertainty, and a shrinking population.  Projects like this, where we come together as neighbors and family, is how we start restoring the community we all love.  “The Alley” is much more than an alley re-purposing, it is a community-building effort.  Projects like this send a signal to all that Tipton a unified, caring city; a great place to live and raise a family. We know Tipton is that kind of community – it’s time the rest of the world knows it too!  The Chamber of Commerce, City of Tipton, the Tipton County Economic Development Organization, the Tipton County Economic Development Foundation and many local businesses have already come together to start this rebuilding effort – now all we need is you!