Our Volunteers are Changing Tipton!

Stay tuned for our next #LoveTipton Cleanup Day!


Why do you do this?
It started with a question of “why not?”. The goal was to collect a list of people who expressed interest in contributing to the improvement of Tipton. This group has grown from a short list of 4 people, to a robust list of over 100.

What is it?
Our #LoveTipton program has been tasked with many different initiatives since it started. It aids in clean-up and beautification of the Main Street District. This group helps with preparing flower pots & cleaning them out, preparing the Christmas decorations that are used on the light poles downtown, setting up and taking down events hosted by Main Street, and also serve on numerous committees within Main Street. This passionate group of people continues to prove that “many hands make for light work”.

I’m interested, now what?
First let us welcome you to our club of doers! Just fill in the information below and we will be communicating with you about the next opportunity to help. As a thank you for signing up, you will receive a free #LoveTipton shirt on your first day of volunteering.

Our Committees

STRATEGIC GOAL:  Increase public awareness of TMSA as an agent for positive change in the community by coordinating people, partners, and resources to support the ongoing revitalization efforts.


1) Create and maintain an interactive website that serves as an interface to the community, allowing for better communication with people, partners, and resources.  

2) Create and compile a list of volunteers, members, and prospective individuals that wish to participate with the TMSA in some capacity.

3) Help each Committee and Subcommittee create, implement, and evaluate new member orientation that helps prospective individuals remain committed, excited, and engaged.

4) Work as an administrative liaison for the organization by supporting each committee with event planning and promotion, gathering volunteers, and working for the general success of TMSA.

STRATEGIC GOAL Preserve and enhance historic resources and local character through appropriate design, to make downtown Tipton visually appealing, clean, and safe for residents and visitors.


1) Work with the City and Planning Director to clean up signage and buildings in the downtown, improving the aesthetics and perceived value of the downtown.

2) Work with the Façade Committee to target potential façade improvements that are congruent with the Design Committee and City’s design and aesthetic standards.  The Chamber Building is a priority on this list.

3) Promote the banner use policy and set a standard for placement of TMSA banners that brand the organization throughout the year.

STRATEGIC GOAL:  Support and retain existing businesses, while working to attract people and diverse new businesses to create a more sustainable local economy.


1) Utilizing the CreatINg Places Grant from the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority, repurpose the alley way between the McNeal building and Subway into multi-purposed, public gathering space that will also function as a focal point for Main Street.

2) Work with the City of Tipton, Chamber of Commerce, and Economic Development Organization to create, implement, and monitor a rent abatement program that attracts and retains businesses to our downtown.

3) Work with the City and County of Tipton to creatively landscape and repurpose the public parking lot (east of the Courthouse) that better serve the functions held there and create a more public friendly atmosphere.

STRATEGIC GOAL: Create and support activities and events to generate excitement, local pride, and commerce in the historic downtown.


1) Create effective marketing plans for the major events (HeART, Tis the Season, etc) that help each committee reach target markets and new, potential audiences.

2) Work with the Organizational Committee to utilize social media that promotes TMSA events, happenings, and project that help generate support, both financial and volunteer.

3) Continue finding ways to ‘brand” TMSA that solidify the organization as an agent of pride and progress for the downtown City of Tipton.

STRATEGIC GOAL: Improve the aesthetics of the downtown by working with landowners to complete value adding improvements and renovations


1) Work with the City of Tipton to identify, plan, and complete at least 2 façade projects that enhance the overall aesthetics of the downtown as they relate to the Design Committee’s standards.

2) Collaborate with the Mural committee to plan, advise, and support new mural projects in the downtown and on future facades.

3) Continue to market and promote the façade program throughout businesses in the downtown to create excitement and urgency that fosters future private investment.

Ready to be a difference maker?

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